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Autism in the News

CDC: Autism is more common than previously thought (USA Today)
Autism rates continue to skyrocket, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which released new figures today, showing a 23% increase from 2006 to 2008. One in 88 American children are now on the autism spectrum, the CDC said, up from 1 in 110. The figures are even higher for boys, with 1 in 54 8-year-olds now counted on the spectrum. Read more.

Father makes raising awareness about autism his ‘mission’ in life (Canada)
At the family-owned and run Europa restaurant on 8th St. E. one evening recently, Acheles Stavrou was talking to a regular customer about something he clearly cared very deeply about, his eight-year-old autistic son Gregory. Read more.

Growing Up Autistic in South Brunswick (South Brunswick Patch)
Joseph Ahern is just like any other typical 9-year-old kid in South Brunswick. He likes to play with toy cars, ride his bike, and he loves the New York Giants. But Joseph faces a daily struggle with tasks and the development of skills that so many take for granted. Joseph has autism spectrum disorder, which affects one in every 110 children in the U.S. Read more.

Autistic child’s family raises money for service dog (Woodville, Miss.)
At 10-months-old, Carter Scott was hitting every developmental milestone with ease, his mother Cristy Carter said. He pointed to a lamp and mouthed his first word, “hot,” with perfect pronunciation. Read more.

Understanding Why Autistic People May Reject Social Touch (TIME)
One of the hardest challenges for families facing autism is the problem of touch. Often, autistic children resist hugging and other types of physical contact, causing distress all around. Read more.

Moms of autistic children work less, earn less (Reuters Health)
U.S. families with autistic children earn nearly $18,000 less than parents of normally developing kids, according to a new report. The gap is mainly due to mothers not having a job or working fewer hours, researchers found. Read more.