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Adults with autism

Kerry's Korner #35: ShopRite Goes Blue For April!

In this episode, I feature Shop Rite Village Supermarkets who are teaming up with Autism Speaks again this year to help with our Light It Up Blue Initiative! From March 26th through April 13th, select Village Supermarkets will be running several campaigns within their stories to raise money for Autism Speaks! For this video we highlight one of these stores located in Livingston New Jersey!


Road Trip to Los Angeles ***** (5 Stars)

Marianne Sullivan's 20 year old son, Hunter, has severe autism. Marianne works on the Autism Speaks Family Services Team.

What to give to a young adult with autism as a holiday gift? Clothes don't quite do it. Computer games can become a bit boring. Money delights but is not much of a creative task for the person giving. After a lot of thought, let me describe what I decided to do this year, and perhaps it may offer you some ideas when it comes to a special gift option for a young adult with autism.

The Days In Between

This post is by Lena Rivkin, MFA, is an artist and graphologist living in Los Angeles. She has an adult brother named Phillip who has autism. 

I sometimes wonder if my brother and I are single-handedly keeping the printed yearly calendar business alive.  Honestly, I buy 52 calendars every year.  The people at Staples or the 99 Cent store must find me very odd, purchasing 2012 Calendars in October, November and December. The good news is they are much cheaper at that time of year! 

OREOS - A New Currency

Annie Lubliner Lehmann, a freelance writer for more than twenty-five years, has published articles in many newspapers and magazines including the New York Times and Detroit Free Press. Her most recent book, The Accidental Teacher – Life Lessons from My Silent Son is a heartfelt memoir about self-discovery rather than illness that uses insight and humor to weave a tale rich with kitchen-table wisdom. She resides in Michigan with her husband and two of three children.