The Autism Speaks Network

The Autism Speaks Network is a new digital network designed to be the home of premier autism video content online and mobile. The Autism Speaks Network (TASN) is a subsidiary of Autism Speaks and will curate important shows like Autism Live, @AspergerSadie, Kerry’s Korner, The Autism Team, The Dr. G Aspie Show and Autism Today TV, and house them in one location for simple and convenient viewing. TASN will allow viewers to watch and share their favorite shows wherever and whenever they want. Finding new and informative personalities with inspiring stories has never been easier. Download the TASN app from the iTunes store or Google Play Store.

The following is a list of charter content providers:

  • The Autism Team
  • The Dr G Aspie Show
  • Kerry’s Korner
  • @aspergersadie
  • Autism Live
  • Autism Today TV