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Ways to Give

Fund a Research Grant

Autism Speaks seeks financial support for the following initiatives in Science.  We invite donors who are able to contribute $25,000 or more to support a specific research grant or program.  You will receive periodic progress reports as well as opportunities to speak directly with the researchers.

eBay Giving

Make an Impact When You Buy or Sell on eBay

Find out how you can support Autism Speaks each time you buy or sell on eBay.

List an item supporting Autism Speaks

Turn your eBay listings into a force for good with eBay Giving Works. You can donate 10% to 100% of the final sale price to Autism Speaks and get a pro-rated credit on your Insertion and Final Value fees when your listing sells.

Benefits to you, the seller:

Receiving Unwanted or Multiple Phone Calls from an Autism Organization

February 19, 2013

January 31, 2013

It has been brought our attention that the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation is currently conducting a telemarketing campaign, whereby people are being called multiple times during the day, week, or month. The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation has no affiliation or association with Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks will always clearly identify ourselves as Autism Speaks if we do contact you via the phone.