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Unprecedented Ruling Could Have Major Impact on Special Needs Trusts

Court decision raises awareness about steps families need to take to protect trust beneficiaries
July 26, 2013

A recent groundbreaking ruling on special needs trusts could change the way trustees monitor the needs of people with disabilities and spend money on them, influence other court rulings in similar cases and bolster legislative initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of beneficiaries of special needs trusts.

Judge Glen on Her Groundbreaking Opinion on Special Needs Trusts

July 23, 2013

Former New York Judge Kristin Booth Glen is being hailed as a hero in the autism and special needs communities for her bold and unprecedented ruling that banks and other special needs trustees must not only invest trust assets but also take decisive steps to determine the needs of people with disabilities and spend trust money to improve benefici

Ruling That Could Change Everything For Disabled People With Trusts

July 15, 2013

When Judge Kristin Booth Glen walked into her Manhattan Surrogate's courtroom one day in 2007, she had no idea she was about to challenge the nation's top banks on behalf of tens of thousands of disabled people.

Before her stood lawyer Harvey J. Platt, who was petitioning to become the legal guardian of Mark Christopher Holman, a severely autistic teen who lived in an institution upstate.