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The Salt Lake Tribune: 'Utah autism treatment pilot struggles for funding'

June 18, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY (May 10, 2012) The following article by Julia Lyon was published today in The Salt Lake Tribune:

Despite assurances during the Legislative session that major insurance companies and a bank would donate $1 million toward a new autism treatment pilot, the state has not yet received any money.

That could halve one part of the program, set to begin this summer, at a time when a study of a small area in Utah indicated the state could have the highest autism rate in the nation.

Autism Speaks Opposes Changes to Clay's Law

February 27, 2009

(February 27, 2009) - Autism Speaks has learned that critical elements have been stripped from Clay's Law (Senate Bill 43) that will cause the bill to be an ineffective mandated offering, rather than the autism insurance reform that families in Utah so desperately need.  Mandated offering laws do not require (or mandate) benefits be provided at all.  Unfortunately, these changes are disappointing and have forced Autism Speaks to oppose SB 43.

Autism Insurance Reform Bill Introduced in Utah

January 22, 2009

Salt Lake City, UT (January 22, 2009) – Today, an autism insurance reform bill was introduced in the Utah State legislature. Senate Bill 43, "Clay's Law" sponsored by State Senator Howard A. Stephenson (R-11) will require private healthcare policies to provide coverage of the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Clay's Law will cover early intensive behavioral therapies and other medically necessary, evidence-based treatments prescribed by an insured's treating physician or psychologist.