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ATN/AIR-P Guides to Pica for Parents and Professionals

Pica, the repeated eating of non-food items, is the eating disorder most often displayed by children with autism. In published literature, the most common definition of pica is the placing of non-edible items past the plane of the lips. For example, a child may eat food from a garbage can or bite off a piece of a toy plastic car and swallow it quickly.

ATN/AIR-P Guide to Providing Feedback to Families Affected by Autism

Parents never forget the feedback session as receiving a diagnosis of autism for their child can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. However, while this is a difficult diagnosis to provide to a family, a well-run feedback session may also be a positive experience. The feedback session is often a crucial touchstone on the journey of having a child with a disability.

Family Services Office Hours

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Wed, 2012-06-20 15:00
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Autism Response Team
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Live Chat

Office Hours easily connects families to a wide variety of autism-related resources, including Family Services Tool Kits, and the Autism Speaks Resource guide, an online national database of autism providers and resources searchable by state and zip code.
Family Services Office Hours is designed to quickly provide access to resources that are available and free to the entire autism community.
The Office Hours sessions are staffed by ART coordinators who are specially trained to connect families affected by autism to resources.