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Make a Burger, Make a Friend

Event Builds Friendship Among Teens & Autistc Teens

September 08, 2013

Suncoast High School Culinary Club, BurgerFi, and Autism Speaks partnered together on Sept. 7, to create an afternoon for teens and teens on the autism spectrum to break down social barriers, foster friendships and build gourmet burgers – together.

Choosing from more than 20 gourmet toppings, members of the Suncoast High School Culinary Club worked alongside teens on the autism spectrum to create their own gourmet burgers. The group then shared their burgers together, enjoying each other’s company and learning more about the each other and autism.

10 Providers for Teens with Asperger’s – Recommendations from Parents Who Have Been There

Over 700 parents of teenagers with Asperger’s Disorder have registered on – a site where parents of children on the autism spectrum connect, share recommendations of local providers, and share tips with each other.  That’s about 20% of all parents on the site.   These parents have spent years building up their “autism teams” – all of the providers needed to help their children develop and thrive.  They have endured a lot of “trial and error” to find what therapies