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Autism Speaks in Full Force at Boston 13.1 Marathon

(BOSTON) Sunday was a great day for a run in East Boston and that is exactly what over 2,000 ... More...

Autism Speaks' Boston half marathon a success

On September 16th the Boston half marathon benefitting Autism Speaks was a success in more ways than one.

Pam McCray ran in honor of her five-year-old nephew Cullen who is affected by autism and is an inspiration to their family.

For... More...

Jason McElwain, autistic basketball sensation, finishes Rochester Marathon and qualifies for Boston Marathon

James McElwain, who hails from Rochester, New York put himself on the map after an amazing high school basketball game. He scored 20 points in only four minutes.

His latest athletic endeavor was the Rochester marathon where he finished 15th... More...

Queens Sanitman has one very good reason to run in the NYC Marathon

There are thousands of reasons to run a marathon to raise funds for autism research, but Dennis Palazzola does so for one - his 5-year-old son, Thomas.

Palazzola has set a goal of raising $3,000 for Autism Speaks through their Team Up! init... More...

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