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December 13, 2013

Two preliminary and strange-sounding findings are making headlines this week. Researchers are seeing if harmless, anti-inflammatory intestinal worms or hot baths can temporarily ease autism symptoms in some children. Their very early results look promising. Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer, Rob Ring, was asked to comment on the research by HealthDay.

 "My own general mantra is to be agnostic about where new ideas come from, but religious about data," Ring said. "It's important for the field of autism to develop new approaches."

Siblings Of Kids With Disabilities May Have Problems Functioning, According To Survey Of Parents
August 02, 2013

A new study suggests, siblings of kids with disabilities may have problems functioning, according to a survey of parents. Nearly 250 children with a disabled sibling were included in the study which found they are more prone to having troubles with relationships, behavior, schoolwork or recreational activities, than other children.

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