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Calls to Action


Liz Feld Announces New Scholarship at the Nantucket Kickoff

Thanks Bob for the introduction, guidance and support. The work we do day in and day out at the Autism Speaks offices all over the country is really driven by two things: by the families Suzanne spoke so eloquently about…. And by the rest of the autism world. Think of it—there is a whole world that has been created to treat, care for and educate those with autism from the time they are toddlers to adulthood. Tonight – I just want to focus on the teachers.

Bob Wright on 8 years of Raising Awareness at the Nantucket Kickoff

She’s such a hard act to follow! If passion could move mountains- Suzanne would have changed the landscape already…. Thank you all for coming out this evening. In all of my 44-years in law and business, I’ve realized this is what it’s about. Look around the room. Smart, caring people getting together to get it done. For the right reasons. For the right population. Hhhm. I guess I have the “Wright” name. (pause) It comes down to Integrity- doing the right thing – always.

Suzanne Wright addresses a packed crowd at the Nantucket Walk Kickoff

Thank you Kate. Kate has been a great friend of ours for many years. What a wonderful woman she is. Fighting to keep America – thinking- and on its toes.

Just two years ago Bob was a part of the inaugural Nantucket Project entitled “Rethink.” Last year it was “Collective Intelligence.” Both are what we do every day at Autism Speaks. We use the collective intelligence of the best and brightest to make American think and rethink – what it knows about the most urgent childhood development disorder in the world: autism