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Local Church Offers Vacation Bible School for Children with Autism

July 29, 2014

(July 29, 2014) -- Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois is offering a vacation bible school program this week for children on the autism spectrum and their siblings. The program hopes to bring an autism-friendly experience for families to enjoy together. 

The program will take place each day this week from 5:00 pm to 7:45 pm. For more information and to sign up you can reach out to Kelly Woith at

You can read more about the program via the flyer below...

Growing Up with Siblings on the Autism Spectrum

November 18, 2013

An article by The Daily News Journal ( highlights the lessons learned in growing up with a sibling on the autism spectrum. Tennessee teen Marian White has two brothers on the autism spectrum. Her younger brother, 13-year-old Levi, does not speak and is unable to take care of himself while her other brother, James, is more independent.  The siblings have a single mom who works as a home health nurse so Marian pitches in with Levi’s care.

Survey Suggests Siblings May Have Problems Functioning

Siblings Of Kids With Disabilities May Have Problems Functioning, According To Survey Of Parents
August 02, 2013

A new study suggests, siblings of kids with disabilities may have problems functioning, according to a survey of parents. Nearly 250 children with a disabled sibling were included in the study which found they are more prone to having troubles with relationships, behavior, schoolwork or recreational activities, than other children.

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Increased Risk of Autism in Siblings News Coverage

With the release of the first major report of the Autism Speaks Baby Siblings Research Consortium, the world learned that the autism recurs in families at a much higher rate than previously estimated. For perspective and guidance, the national media turned to our director of research for environmental sciences, Alycia Halladay, PhD.