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sensory issues

Oxytocin May Control Brain’s ‘Signal-to-Noise’ Filter

Study findings on so-called "social hormone" could explain autism-related differences in information processing
August 05, 2013

Many persons with autism have sensory difficulties. These include challenges with focusing attention on important information while screening out background activity.

Sensory Shield, Device To Give Personal Space In Public, Developed

September 04, 2012

Lisa Daly, a lawyer with autism based in Maryland, has been awarded a $5,000 prize by the Rockville Economic Development Inc. to develop a collapsible partition for use on public transportation or any other crowded enviornment. 

She has created a prototype model that she has been using herself and is continuing to work with medical professionals, industrial engineers and her significant other, Anthony Slamin, to build the Sensory Shield for commercial use.

Autism Risk Gene Linked to Sensory Overload

February 02, 2012

New research may help explain how a specific gene mutation produces the hypersensitivities to sound experienced by many persons affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The researchers found that when a suspected autism gene – PTEN – is disabled in the sound-processing center of a mouse brain, incoming signals are abnormally amplified regardless of whether their source is near or far.