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School Age

September 11, 2014

SACRAMENTO, CA (September 11, 2014) – As many as 75,000 primarily low-income California children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will become eligible for a life-altering form of treatment through Medi-Cal starting Monday when California becomes the first state to implement a federal directive to step up Medicaid coverage for children with autism.

Xena the Warrior Dog is one of eight finalists up for the American Humane Association's 2014 "Hero Dog of the Year" award
September 11, 2014

Xena the Warrior Dog and her owner Linda Hickey appeared on the Today Show as a finalist in the AHA's "Hero Dog of the Year" competition. Linda talked about how Xena has become a valuable companion to her son Jonny, who is on the autism spectrum. Watch Xena's appearance on Today below.

September 09, 2014

(September 9, 2014) -- Like many people on the autism spectrum, Iris Grace Halmshaw faces challenges both emotional and physical. Iris was diagnosed with autism in December 2011, and her parents began looking for ways that would help Iris become more expressive. This past February, her parents brought their daughter a cat.