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Study Provides New Clues to Oxytocin-Autism Connection

Oxytocin appears to partner with another vital brain chemical – serotonin – to make social contact rewarding
September 13, 2013

Stanford University researchers have shown that the so-called “love” hormone oxytocin is involved in a broader range of social interactions than previously thought.

Their new report in the journal Nature urges researchers to use the findings to open new doors in the search for autism treatments.

Oxytocin May Control Brain’s ‘Signal-to-Noise’ Filter

Study findings on so-called "social hormone" could explain autism-related differences in information processing
August 05, 2013

Many persons with autism have sensory difficulties. These include challenges with focusing attention on important information while screening out background activity.

Researchers Launch Study with Oxytocin Nasal Spray

A large clinical trial will test the safety and effectiveness of oxytocin nasal spray to improve sociability and communication in children and teens with autism. The federally funded clinical trial follows the promising results of a pilot study funded by Autism Speaks.