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Researchers say that gut bacteria more abundant in some individuals with autism produce waste products that may affect brain activity
May 20, 2014

Do chemicals produced by gut bacteria affect children with autism? This week, researchers presented findings from a small study that suggests this possibility. They did so at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, in Boston.

Animal study links autism behaviors, abnormal intestinal bacteria and leaky gut; suggests possible probiotic treatments.
December 05, 2013


A “Top Ten Advances in Autism Research 2013” Selection
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November 18, 2013

National Public Radio's Morning Edition takes a look at scientific research on the connection between gut microbes and brain function.

The story cites Autism Speaks-funded research Paul Patterson of Cal Tech, whose research on mice with autism-like symptoms has shown that treatment with probiotics can reduce autism symptoms in the animals.