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WTOC Chronicles 'Ava's Mom'

January 16, 2013

LYONS (January 16, 2013) -- WTOC reports on Anna Bullard's campaign for autism insurance reform in Georgia.

After her daughter Ava, now 8, was diagnosed with autism, Bullard said she wanted to get the best treatment possible. Instead, her doctor told her, "'You can't get that in Georgia.' I was stunned."  

She's now working with Autism Speaks to push legislation for autism insurance reform in Georgia. Read more here 

'Ava's Mom' Urges Insurance Reform in New Video

January 08, 2013

LYONS (January 8, 2013) -- Lyons-area mom Anna Bullard has posted a YouTube video, "Ava's Story: Autism Insurance for Georgia," describing the plight of families such as hers trying to access insurance coverage for autism under current Georgia law.

The video urges support for autism insurance reform in Georgia, now in the minority of states that has yet to enact legislation guaranteeing coverage.