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Click here for the entire downloadable PDF containing the following forms:

  1. Comparing Treatment Methods & Providers
  2. Service Provider Planner
  3. CONTACTS - Medical
  4. CONTACTS - Therapy
  5. CONTACTS - Support
  6. CONTACTS - Other
  7. Phone Log
  8. Assessment Tracking
  9. IFSP / IEP Goals

Click here for the entire downloadable PDF.

Different Books and Websites Resonate with Different Families. Here are some that parents have recommended. For a more complete list of books and web sites, as well as magazines, products, and DVDs, please visit our Resource Library on the Autism Speaks web site,

Click here for a downloadable PDF version.

Contact Us...
Ask for Help! Contact the Autism Response Team (ART). Our ART team members are specially trained to help families with the day-to-day challenges of living with autism. Contact ART for resources, support and information.