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July 23, 2014

(July 23, 2014) - Business Insider recently profiled 35-year-old Mark Leslie. Mark is a computer programer in New York City who has an Asperger Syndrome diagnosis. Like many adults on the autism spectrum, Mark has battled social anxiety which made it difficult for him to find a job. That is until he applied at ULTRA testing.

As addendums to the Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit, we have created three new tools to help adults with autism as they search for competitive employment in today's job market. The rate of unemployment and underemployment among young adults and adults with autism is far too high and Autism Speaks is committed to doing all we can to help change that.

Unemployment rate falls to 6.3%. Here are tools to help you take advantage
May 02, 2014

NEW YORK (May 2, 2014) -- New statistics from the Labor Department show positive growth in the job market.   The US economy added 288,000 jobs in April while the unemployment rate fell to 6.3 percent, the lowest level since September 2008.