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ERISA Champions: Employers Who Voluntarily Cover Autism

Through its work with families, individuals with autism and advocates, Autism Speaks over the years has assembled a list of employers that voluntarily cover insurance benefits for autism treatments. These employers offer health plans which are covered under federal ERISA law and therefore are exempt from state autism insurance laws enacted in over 35 states.

Note: This list contains the best information we have available. If you do not see your employer listed, please contact us so we can add their information!

Major Medicaid Breakthrough Announced For Autism

July 08, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC (July 8, 2014) -- In a major victory for Medicaid coverage of autism, a federal agency has directed the states to cover medically necessary treatments for autism for children and young adults, including behavioral health treatments such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). An estimated one-third of all children with autism receive primary coverage through Medicaid.

Nebraska Radio Talks Autism Awareness, Insurance Reform

April 17, 2014

Nebraska's KNEB radio host Bill Boyer interviewed Vicki Depenbusch, Autism Speaks' Light It Up Blue and Nebraska advocacy chair. She spoke about early detection, the Light It Up Blue campaign, tool kits and how close Nebraska is to passing autism insurance reform. The topic is close to home for host Bill Boyer, he has an 8-year son on the spectrum. Listen to the full interview in the clips below.

JPMorgan Chase To Introduce Autism Benefits in 2014

November 26, 2013

NEW YORK (November 26, 2013) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) will voluntarily offer its employees autism insurance benefits starting in 2014, becoming the latest Fortune 500 company to extend the coverage through its company health plan. Because JPMorgan Chase self-funds its insurance plan, it is covered under federal ERISA law which does not require autism coverage.

Autism Speaks Issues Autism-Specific Details On New Health Law

October 10, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC (October 10, 2013) -- Autism Speaks today issued autism-specific resources to help families understand the Affordable Care Act and the new changes that will affect health insurance coverage, beginning in 2014. These resources are a prelude to the “Autism Speaks Insurance Link,” a new interactive web tool Autism Speaks will unveil shortly to help families determine whether they are eligible for autism benefits under their current coverage.

FEHB Readies ABA Coverage for 2014

October 03, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC (October 3, 2013) -- The Office of Personnel Management, which manages the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB), has released information on insurance coverage for applied behavior analysis (ABA) in 2014. The FEHB program is the nation's largest employer-sponsored health benefits program, covering 8.2 million federal employees, retirees and dependents.

ACA: The Basics

The Affordable Care Act – also known as health reform or “Obamacare” – introduces significant changes to public and private health insurance. In this resource, we highlight the key changes under health reform.

These changes include new insurance reforms, Health Insurance Marketplaces, Medicaid expansion, and a penalty for being uninsured.