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Calls to Action


February 12, 2014

Autism Speaks received an email from Robin Newberger about a very special gift her 5-year-old son Daniel recieved from their trash collector, Manuel Sanchez. The video Robin filmed of the event titled "The Gift" is going viral and Manuel's good deed is going to be recognized by his employer, E.J.

Actor leaves $50,000 to friend's child with autism
July 04, 2013

Actor James Gandolfini left $50,000 in his will to his college friend Doug Katz, who has a 12 year old son with autism. According to Saturday' edition of the New York Post, Katz learned of the gift in a phone call from Gandolfini's  widow Deborah Lin.

Gandolfini and Katz were college roommates and Katz said the benevolent actor was always extremely generous with his son Andrew.