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The 'Sequester' Is Here. Now What?

March 01, 2013

NEW YORK (March 1, 2013) --  America’s most vulnerable citizens—people with autism and related disorders-- face a longterm loss of billions of dollars in services and supports as a result of the $85 billion federal spending cut –or  “sequester”—announced  today.  The impacts would affect all people with autism regardless of age or range of ability, reaching into special education, housing, research and even employment support.

Dodd/Collins 2008 Budget Amendment Passes

March 14, 2008

(Washington, DC - March 14, 2008) Autism Speaks sends heartfelt thanks to our many supporters in the Senate for their steadfast support of autism research funding. Senator Chris Dodd and Senator Susan Collins offered an  amendment to the FY2009 Budget Resolution to increase funding for autism research, education and early detection by $197 million. This increase authorizes doubling of autism research funding. Additionally,  Senator Arlen Specter and Senator Tom Harkin offered an amendment to increase research funding at the NIH by 2 billion in FY2009.