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Calls to Action


March 20, 2014

U.S. regulations going into effect next week require for the first time that federal contractors ask their employees if they have a disability. The new regulations are part of the government's effort to reduce the high unemployment rate of people with disabilities in the United States. The goal is to make sure that these companies are employing a minimum of 7% workers with disabilities. Federal contractors include Boeing Co., Dell Inc., AT&T Inc.

Autism Speaks showcases businesses successfully employing adults with autism; spreading the word about great workers, special talents
March 05, 2014

The second day of the 2014 Autism Speaks Autism Investment Conference closed with a focus on the need for more employment opportunities for teens and adults with autism.

February 18, 2014

Northwest Center in Washington state provides employment services to adults with disabilities, placing them in jobs that match their skills and then providing them with the appropriate level of support at each step along their career path. The organization partners with businesses to promote inclusion of individuals with autism and other disabilities int he workplace.