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Calls to Action


August 08, 2014

(August 8, 2014) - A New Jersey father is calling for training for school bus drivers and bus aides after his son with autism was left alone at the wrong house. Stuart Chaifetz posted a Youtube video detailing what happened and the panic that went through his mind upon hearing his 12-year-old son Akian was found by a stranger.

“You’re not carting packages that can be deposited without a signature on someone’s front porch,” Chaifetz says in the video.

April 25, 2014

The post below is a heartwarming letter from Rico Cannon to his son on his 9th birthday. Rico shares his experiences as that father of a son with autism and how raising Cameron inspired him to give back.

Dear Cameron,

October 28, 2013

Minecraft, the hugely-popular game that consists of building a virtual world block by block (Lego style), has a new haven for gamers with autism. Autcraft is a by-invitation-only server created by blogger and dad to a son with autism Stuart Duncan as well as other parents of children on the spectrum.