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Calls to Action


Back To School Is Around the Corner

Back to school time is always an  exciting time of year! The new school year lies ahead, full of promise and possibility.   Many families start early to prepare their family member with autism for the new school year. Meeting a new teacher before the first day of school, going on the bus route in advance are practical steps that can make all the difference when it comes to easing the transition back to school.  We want to hear from families including students, teachers, siblings, about what you did to make the transition go as smooth as possible.

URGE YOUR U.S. SENATOR TO ATTEND September 7 Committee Meeting on Autism

In 2006, The Combating Autism Act authorizing nearly $1 Billion was passed into law. Funding allocated and other provisions within that law will come to an end unless the bill is reauthorized before September 30th. Our community has $693 Million of dedicated autism research funding over the next three years at stake. We cannot lose the momentum we have gained since 2006.