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Barack Obama

September 30, 2009

Washington, DC (September 30, 2009) -- President Barack Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to spend $5 billion on medical and scientific research, medical supplies and upgrading laboratory capacity, as part of an overall $100 billion Recovery Act investment in science and technology. Importantly, Obama's announcement also included a commitment to funding $85 million into autism research. In his speech to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Obama said “And finally, we'll also provide the largest-ever infusion of funding into autism research.

January 22, 2009

Washington, DC (January 22, 2009) - The newly re-launched White House website prominently features autism as part of the Disabilities agenda, where it is the only disorder specifically cited. The agenda published on the site complements President Barack Obama's presidential campaign statement on autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

January 20, 2009

Washington, DC (January 20, 2009) - Today in our Nation's Capitol, millions watched the swearing in of our 44th President, Barack Obama.  As a candidate for president, Obama made far reaching commitments to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Autism Speaks is working with President Obama's new Administration on those commitments, inc

November 05, 2008

(November 5, 2008) President Elect Barack Obama's win last night may prove to be a win for the autism community as well.  In his campaign statement on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Obama has committed to bringing autism insurance reform to our entire nation.