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Autism Awareness Day in College Basketball a Roaring Success

February 03, 2014

It may have been Super Bowl weekend but football wasn’t the only sport making headlines. On Saturday, February 1, the first ever Autism Awareness Day in College Basketball ruled the airwaves with more than 80 coaches and sportscasters donning the Autism Speaks blue puzzle piece pin. Whether you were watching ESPN’s game day coverage or the Duke vs. Syracuse game on CBS, the little blue puzzle pieces were everywhere.

Students with Autism Create Inspiring Portraits of Celebrities

January 20, 2014

Chris Hall is a teacher trying to make a difference in the lives of his students with autism. At Joseph Lee School in Boston, Massachusetts, Chris teaches a class called Sensory Arts, a program comprised of 153 students with autism from the ages of 3-14 years old. The program has received acclaim for the students work creating mosaic’s of famous celebrities. We sat down with Chris to discuss his program in more detail.