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autism's gut-brain connection

In Memoriam: Paul Patterson, Pioneering Autism Researcher and Mentor

Advanced understanding of interactions between brain and immune system; fostered and inspired a new generation of autism researchers
June 27, 2014


Autism Speaks joins the global autism research community in mourning the passing of neurobiologist Paul Patterson. Dr. Patterson was a pioneer in the study of brain-immune system interactions and a mentor who trained and continues to inspire a new generation of autism researchers.

Autism Study: More Evidence Linking Altered Gut Bacteria to ASD

Researchers say that gut bacteria more abundant in some individuals with autism produce waste products that may affect brain activity
May 20, 2014

Do chemicals produced by gut bacteria affect children with autism? This week, researchers presented findings from a small study that suggests this possibility. They did so at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, in Boston.

Spotlight on the Gut Bacteria-Brain Connection in Autism

Researchers explore how disruptions in the intestine’s community of digestive bacteria may influence brain development and autism
November 13, 2013