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Angelman Syndrome and Topoisomerase Inhibitors

December 21, 2011

 Researchers have identified a class of compounds that, when administered to mouse models of Angelman syndrome, activate production of a brain protein whose absence causes this relatively rare condition. Often classified as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Angelman syndrome is marked by developmental delay, lack of speech, seizures and motor difficulties.

Research Confirms Benefit of Behavioral Interventions

November 15, 2011

A review of recent studies confirms the benefit of five types of behavioral therapies for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The authors reviewed scientific reports published since January 2010 and found that a wide range of behavioral interventions improved outcomes of people with ASD. Such scientific confirmation is crucial for securing health insurance coverage for bona fide ASD treatments.

Autism Speaks & NIEHS Organize Meeting on Data-Modeling of Gene-Environment Interactions

November 28, 2011


Autism Speaks and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) are co-organizing a meeting of leading experts to explore the best ways to harness data modeling technology in the search for environmental contributors to autism.

New Clues to Autism Brain ‘Wiring’ Point to Events before Birth

November 08, 2011

New research reveals that children with autism have an overabundance of nerve cells in a brain region involved in social, emotional, communication and reasoning skills. The finding furthers understanding of the differences in brain “wiring” that give rise to autism’s core symptoms.