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Calls to Action

Autism Spectrum

Public Invited to NY Symposium on Global Childhood Disability

Speakers will include Autism Speaks' Andy Shih; free registration and online viewing
August 01, 2013

On September 25, UNICEF and Columbia University’s department of epidemiology will cosponsor a symposium on global childhood disability. Speakers will include Autism Speaks Senior Vice President for Scientific Affairs Andy Shih.

Parents & Providers Collaborate to Build a Better Autism Medical Home

Day 2 at Autism Speaks National Conference: Paul Carbone helps families & doctors forge stronger partnerships, deliver lifelong care
July 27, 2013


Building a Fulfilling Life at the Autism Speaks National Conference

Educator, researcher, self-advocate Stephen Shore opens meeting with call for greater emphasis on self-advocacy and autism-related strengths
July 26, 2013



Caution Still Needed with Mercury Exposure during Pregnancy

Autism Speaks offers perspective on new report finding no increased autism risk associated with eating mercury-contaminated fish during pregnancy
July 24, 2013

A new study found no increased risk of autism associated with mothers eating large amounts of mercury-contaminated fish during pregnancy. The researchers tracked the development of children born to Seychelles Islanders, who tend to eat relatively large amounts mercury-contaminated fish. They looked for any link between autism behaviors in the children and mercury levels in the mothers. They found none.