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Autism Genome Project

Discover Ranks Autism Speaks’ Genome Project among Top Stories of 2013

Magazine emphasizes autism genome project’s importance in understanding autism subtypes
January 10, 2014

Discover magazine has posted “Autism Genome Sequenced,” as #33 in its series of “Top Stories of 2013.” The story describes the publication of the early results of Autism Speaks’ 10K Autism Genome Project.

Autism Speaks Grant Review Process

The first stage of providing fair and expert review for grant applications submitted to Autism Speaks consists of scientific peer review by a group of highly esteemed basic and clinical scientists that form our Advisory Boards. Additional expertise may be provided by ad-hoc reviewers in order to ensure that the scientific coverage is thorough.

Genetics and Genomics

Autism Speaks funds genetic and genomic research that can lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder


In recent years, research has greatly advanced our understanding of the genetics and genomics of brain development and function.