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autism acceptance

January 06, 2014

An anonymous letter was sent on New Years Eve to the house of Annie Sands, a mother from Bromley, London, about one of her sons, Rubin, who is on the autism spectrum. The letter has gone viral in autism community since Annie has shared it and has even made her decide to sell her home and find another place to live. See a close up of the letter below...

Autism Speaks sponsors special issue of journal Autism – exploring benefits of research conducted out of the lab and inside schools
May 28, 2013


The frustration is a familiar one in autism research: A new behavioral therapy works great when study participants come into a laboratory or academic clinic. Not so well in classrooms where teachers and therapists try to put the intervention into action.

Study suggests greater acceptance of autism-related behaviors when college students know a fellow student has autism
May 03, 2013


The transition to college is an understandably anxious time for many students with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). How will they be accepted by other college students? How open should they be about their autism?