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Calls to Action


November 19, 2013

On Monday night in Atlanta, a small group of parents gathered for a casual roundtable-style discussion with Alycia Halladay, Autism Speaks senior director, environmental and clinical sciences. A total of seven parents of children with autism of varying in ages shared their stories and voiced their concerns for the future of their child.

The 1999 Research Awards marked the third year NAAR funded autism research programs and the first time the organization had funded autism research in Europe. NAAR invested $800,000 in 1999 to fund 14 pilot studies and two mentor-based fellowships in the United States, Russia and Italy.

In 2000, NAAR became the first non-governmental organization to break the $1 million mark for funding autism research and committed approximately $1.5 million to fund 19 pilot studies and two mentor-based fellowships in autism research taking place in the United States and Spain.