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1998 Awards (NAAR)

In 1998, NAAR committed approximately $500,000 in its second year of funding autism research projects and marked the establishment of NAAR's Mentor-based fellowship program. In 1998, NAAR funded 10 pilot studies and 2 mentor-based fellowships in the United States and Canada. Additionally, NAAR was instrumental in funding and establishing the Autism Tissue Program in 1998, a brain tissue donation program dedicated to autism research. NAAR also attracted its first Research Partners and Research Patrons in 1998, which are listed below.

1999 Awards (NAAR)

The 1999 Research Awards marked the third year NAAR funded autism research programs and the first time the organization had funded autism research in Europe. NAAR invested $800,000 in 1999 to fund 14 pilot studies and two mentor-based fellowships in the United States, Russia and Italy.

New York Governor Spitzer Signs 'Burden of Proof' Act

August 16, 2007

(ALBANY, NY - August 16, 2007) New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has signed A-5396A, known as the 'Burden of Proof" bill, into law.
The law will require that school districts, not parents, bear the burden of proof in special education hearings for children with disabilities such as autism. The law will allow parents to protect their child's right to an education without hiring an attorney.