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Academic Papers

ATN and AIR-P Publications

1. Adkins KW, Goldman SE, Fawkes D, et al. A pilot study of shoulder placement for actigraphy in children. Behav Sleep Med. 2012; (manuscript accepted for publication).

2. Coury D, Jones N, Klatka K, Winklosky B, & Perrin J. (2009) Health Care for Children with Autism. Curr Opin Pediatr; 21(6): 828-832.

3. Coury D. (2010) Medical Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Curr Opin in Neur; 23(2):131-6.

4. Coury D. Very little high-quality evidence to support most medications for children with autism spectrum disorders. J Pediatr. 2011; 159(5):872-3.