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Calls to Action


November 19, 2009

Washington, DC (November 19, 2009) -- In response to the alarming growth in autism diagnoses, Congress passed the Combating Autism Act of 2006 (P.L. 109-416), which established the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) to coordinate all efforts within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that are related to ASD.

November 16, 2009

Washington, DC (November 16, 2009) – Autism Speaks, the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization, and Washington, DC Councilmember Tommy Wells today joined Councilmember Muriel Bowser, families of children with autism, and autism care advocates to announce the introduction of legislation to reform health insurance for children with autism in the District.

November 16, 2009

St. Louis, MO (November 16, 2009) -- Volunteer advocates from 18 states gathered in St. Louis last weekend for the 4th annual Autism Law Summit. This event, which was co-sponsored by Autism Speaks and the Thompson Foundation for Autism, allowed advocates pursuing autism-related legislation to learn from one another and share strategies for success.

November 09, 2009

(November 9, 2009) -- Autism Speaks congratulates Judith Ursitti, Regional Director of State Advocacy Relations, for receiving the 2009 Margaret L.

November 08, 2009


The provision, introduced this past July by Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA) and passed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, will prohibit discrimination in benefits against people with autism by including behavioral health treatments as part of the essential benefits package.  The bill must now be passed by the U.S. Senate.


Don't forget to go to send a thank you note to Rep. Mike Doyle!

November 02, 2009

(December 2, 2009) -- Earlier this week, a study led by Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer, Geraldine Dawson, Ph.D., on an early intervention program was released in the journal Pediatrics. The study examined an ABA-based intervention called the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and found the treatment to be extremely effective for improving IQ, language ability, and social interaction in very young children diagnosed with autism.

October 19, 2009

(October 19, 2009) Madison, WI—Governor Jim Doyle today announced an emergency rule implementing new provisions in state law requiring insurance coverage of autism spectrum disorders.
"We have worked long and hard for this day, and I am thrilled that children across the state living with autism will now have access to the care and support they need and deserve," Governor Doyle said. "We are also helping take the squeeze off the hardworking families that support these children."

October 13, 2009

Senate Finance Committee Passes Health Insurance Reform Bill Containing Menendez Amendment for Autism Insurance Reform


Washington, DC (October 13, 2009) -- Autism Speaks, the nation's largest autism science and advocacy organization, today applauds the members of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee for their 14 to 9 passage of a health care reform bill, the America’s Health Future Act, containing an amendment for autism insurance reform.