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May 23: Governor Mark Dayton signs HF.1233, making Minnesota the 33rd state to enact autism insurance reform

May 18: Senate approves HF.1233 39-28; sends bill to Governor

May 17: House approves amended HF.1233 73-61; bill goes to Senate

April 29: House/Senate conference committee named to resolve differences in bills

April 25: HF.1233 approved 36-28 by Senate with amendments, returned to House

April 18, 2012: Gov. Rick Snyder signs SB.414 and 415 into law making Michigan 30th state to enact autism insurance reform

March 29, 2012: House approves SB.414 and 415 by 91-19 votes, SB.981 by 84-26; Senate votes to concur with House committee amendments; bills head to Gov. Snyder 

March 27, 2012: House Families, Children and Seniors Committee approves bills 7-0; sends them to House floor


January 17: H.1026 introduced  to expand autism benefits to MassHealth

January 11: Governor Deval Patrick signs H.4555, ABA state licensing bill


August 3: Governor Deval Patrick signs H.4935 into law

July 28: H.4935 passes Senate unanimously; bill heads to the governor's desk

July 27: H.4935 passes by the House; heads to the Senate

March 9, 2011: Hearing on HB 783 in the House Health Government Operations Committee.  Hearing on SB 759 in the Senate Finance Committee. No vote is held on either bill.

February 10, 2011: Autism insurance reform bill, House Bill 783, introduced in House.  The bill is reffered to the House Health Government Operations Committee