Lower the Age of Autism Diagnosis


and increase access to early intervention

for all children

Event is aimed to reach out to parents and caretakers who are concerned about their child's developmental milestones and connect them with members of the community who can help. 

Early Intervention is critical in improving the prognosis of children with developmental disorders.

Together, we can lower the average age of diagnosis, educate parents about early warning signs, and empower families to seek the quality care their children need.

  • Meeting with clinicians from the community
  • Screening with age appropriate developmental and autism-specific tools
  • Link to local resources and resource agencies
  • Information to take to a formal diagnostic evalu-ation (if needed)
  • Information to take to a formal diagnostic evalu-ation (if needed)
  • Bilingual staff available

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

For the Los Angeles event, contact pam.eisenburg@autismspeaks.org

For the Chicago Event, contact liz.klug@autismspeaks.org

If you would lIke to attend register here.

Community Groups: 211 LA County, Early Head Start, Family Resource Centers, Medi-Cal, Health Plans, Mental Health Services, School Districts

Partners: 211 LA, UCLA, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Magnolia Place Community Initiative.