Accelerating Breakthroughs in Understanding and Treating Autism Using the Google Cloud

June 11, 2014
Google Invited Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Robert Ring to blog on their powerful collaboration to harness genomic data to "do good"

"Autism Speaks is using the Google Cloud Platform to store its unparalleled collection genomic data and enable real-time, collaborative access among researchers around the world," writes Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Rob Ring, in his post on the Google Cloud Platform Blog. "We are in the process of uploading 100 terabytes of data to Google Cloud Storage, and from there, we can import it into Google Genomics. Google Genomics will allow scientists to access the data via the Genomics API, explore it interactively using Google BigQuery, and perform custom analysis using Google Compute Engine."

Read Dr. Ring's full blog post here.