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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology for Autism Sponsored Courses

From the beginning, Autism Speaks-funded Innovative Technology for Autism (ITA) courses have focused primarily on design principles and production, while also including a sociological aspect that introduces students to the culture of autism as a developmental disability. Subsequent courses have added a focus on the major areas of autism research and the technologies showing the greatest promise in each.

Grants and Grant Award Winners

The ITA field is currently experiencing exponential growth, and has begun to make significant contributions to the lives of individuals with autism by enabling important scientific discoveries and bringing useful products to market for both treatment and diagnosis and simply to make learning and activities of daily living easier for people with autism.

Steering Committee

The growing success of Autism Speaks' Innovative Technology for Autism (ITA) initiative requires that it develop effective ways to manage its expanding role in advocacy, mentorship, and agenda-setting for the emerging field of ITA. While existing methods of grassroots networking and grant-making and reviewing have played a significant role in ITA's success, there is a need to further refine these methods and expand how ITA serves the ITA community.