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Watch Father and Son with Autism Communicate using Disney Movies

The New York Times video above shows Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind with his son Owen who has autism. Suskind uses Owen's love of Disney films to communicate with him. The video by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams is a companion piece to an excerpt from Suskind's new memoir "Life, Animated" published in the New York Times Magazine.

The book, which follows Suskind's 20-year journey in connecting with Owen, will be released on April 1.

In a story about the book, Michael Rosen, executive vice president of strategic communications of Autism Speaks, told ABC News that his 25-year-old son, who has been nonverbal with autism since birth, "is obsessed with Disney."

"There is a comfort in it -- a familiarity with the Disney logo," Rosen said. "It's almost like going to a fantasy world for these kids -- they are so familiar with the sights and sounds. Disney has always been important to all our community. … I think because it's so ubiquitous." Read more from ABC News here.