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AGI Daily Living/Residential Curriculum for Direct Support Providers

With a Targeted Family Services Grant provided by Autism Speaks, ARI's Autistic Global Inititiative proudly announces the completion of the Daily Living/Residential Curriculum and Training for Direct Support Providers to Adults with Autism! Completed by a multi-disciplinary team of 15 curriculum experts across the United States, this first-of-its-kind training is designed to build capacity in residential adult services wherever adults with autism live, including in private homes with their families, group residential settings, assisted living, agricultural, and intentional communities.

NEW! Self-Paced Online Course for Parents & Direct-Support Providers

Autism Speaks and AGI have partnered with the Houlton Institute to make this first-of-its-kind course available online. The course provides best and evidence-based practices for those who support the daily-living needs of transition-aged students, young adults, and adults with autism and related disabilities. Because it is online, the course is flexible and can meet many needs.

The AGI Residential/Daily Living Online Course will help families as well as Direct Support Providers in private homes and group residential settings, and assisted living, agricultural, and intentional communities. Course participants learn approaches and methods to support daily living while developing an individualized portfolio of supports and strategies. This portfolio can be developed, utilized, and updated with the network of supporters and the individual with autism in his/her daily living setting.

Have questions? Email or call 1-855-HOULTON to learn about enrollment. There are a limited number of scholarships available. Scholarship requests can be submitted via email to Also available to school district transition programs and agencies.

Cost: $300 / $345 with CEUs

The Curriculum Package

The 750-page curriculum package encompasses six full days of training and contains a wealth of information and hands-on tools for implementation, including:
·     10 learning units
·     PowerPoint® slide decks
·     Learning activities to reinforce seminar topics
·     Homework and practicum activities to practice
      implementation in direct-support settings
·     Activities for building customized daily living portfolios
      for adults with autism
·     Supplemental resources for every unit of instruction
·     Pre- and post-assessments for training participants
·     Pre- and post-assessments for adults on the spectrum
      who are supported by the curriculum training
·     Video material to reinforce learning objectives
·     A 225-page supplement containing a compendium of
      all presenters’ notes for the 10 units of PowerPoint® slides

Click here for the AGI announcement of their new curriculum and to view sample pages and their next steps!

To learn more about on-site training and development offered by ARI, click here.

AGI Daily Living/Residential Curriculum and Training

This comprehensive training is designed to support those who support individuals with autism in all aspects of daily life and wherever adults with autism may live. Course content includes the following seminar units:
1.     Autism: An Historical Perspective
2.     Person-Centered Approach
3.     Regulation
4.     Communication
5.     Applications
6.     Citizenship and Community Life
7.     Sexuality
8.     Safety
9.     Health and Wellness
10.   Supporting Transportation

The training package is scalable, encompassing up to six full days for the complete course. Recipients of the training receive a training manual that includes all learning activities and homework assignments, PowerPoint® slide decks, activities for building customized daily living portfolios for adults with autism, supplemental resources for every unit of instruction, pre- and post-assessments for training participants, pre- and post-assessments for adults on the spectrum who are supported by the curriculum training. For more information contact AGI at or (619) 356-5838.

About AGI

The Autistic Global Initiative (AGI), a program of the Autism Research Institute, is staffed and self-directed by a national committee of professionals, parents, and advocates, all of whom are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. AGI’s initiatives encompass a broad range of activities devoted to our mission of fostering the development of adults on the autism spectrum and those who work with and for them.  Learn more about AGI here.