Autism Speaks Neighborhood Grants

*New! Applications for Chapter, Regional and Neighborhood Grant programs will be announced in early June. Stay tuned!

In 2013, through the Neighborhood Grants program, Autism Speaks distributed grants of up to $5,000 to 66 organizations around the country for a total of over $340,000. Click here to learn about the recipients!

Autism Speaks was thrilled in 2013 to announce a new grant program that will benefit Sprouts local communities.

Click here to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Neighborhood Grants.


Neighborhood Grants informational webinars were held on Monday, August 12th and Wednesday, September 4th.

Click here to view the slides from the presentation.

Organization Eligibility

The Autism Speaks Neighborhood Grant Program will be made available to organizations who serve the autism community in the following 8 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

Note: Organizations from across the country are eligible to apply for Autism Speaks Grants. Visit our Chapter and Regional Grants pages to check which program covers your geographic area.

The focus of Autism Speaks Neighborhood Grant Program is three-fold:

  • to promote local services that enhance the lives of those affected by autism
  • to expand the capacity to effectively serve this growing community
  • to increase the field of service providers in the four chapters

Program Funding

Autism Speaks Neighborhood Grant Program will select organizations and offers up to $5,000 in funding for organizations that serve individuals with autism.

Review Committee

Autism Speaks recruits members for the Autism Speaks Neighborhood Grant Program Review Committee. The committee will be composed of families affected by autism, individuals with autism, and autism professionals.

For more information about the Autism Speaks Neighborhood Grant Program, contact Serena Selkin, Assistant Director, Family Services Grants at