May 2012

Autism in the News - 05.14.12

Autism Study: 1 In 3 Young Adults With Autism Have Few Job Prospects Years After High School Graduation (Chicago, Ill.)
One in 3 young adults with autism have no paid job experience, college or technical schooling nearly seven years after high school graduation, a study finds. That's a poorer showing than those with other disabilities including those who are mentally disabled, the researchers said. Read more.

Mom Ready for Some Rip Roaring, Sensory-Friendly NASCAR Fun!


Melissa Olimpaito is the mom of a 15 year-old boy on the autism spectrum who is a NASCAR fanatic. She wrote this heartfelt note to our friends at Dover Speedway.


Autism in the News -05.11.12

Changes to autism manual (The Gainesville Herald)
If Timmy gets upset in school, he asks to be excused and goes to a stall in the restroom. After he closes the door, he flaps his arms. Read more.

Half-Sibs & Autism Risk

My child from a previous marriage has autism. I’m now remarried and wondering what the chances are that we will have a child affected by ASD?

This week’s “Got Questions?” answer is from Autism Speaks Director of Research for Environmental Sciences Alycia Halladay, Ph.D.

Autism in the News - 05.10.12

Utah autism treatment pilot struggles for funding (The Salt Lake Tribune)
Despite assurances during the Legislative session that major insurance companies and a bank would donate $1 million toward a new autism treatment pilot, the state has not yet received any money. Read more.

'My Employer is Self-Insured. How Do I Get Autism Benefits?'

The webchat was hosted by Lorri Unumb, Esq., Vice President for State Government Affairs.


Inclusion + Technology = HOPE

This is a guest blog post from Marc Sirkin, Autism Speaks VP Social Marketing and Online Fundraising.

Outreach to California Underserved Communities is Needed


This blog post is from Marianne Sullivan, RN, MN, Assistant Director of National Outreach and Resources in Family Services