April 2012

Technology Opens Door of Communication for Carly

This is an excerpt from CARLY’S VOICE by Arthur Fleischmann with Carly Fleischmann. Copyright © 2012 by Arthur Fleischmann. Published by Touchstone Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Autism in the News - 04.06.12

Doctors want to redefine autism (Chicago,Ill.)
One child doesn't talk, rocks rhythmically back and forth and stares at clothes spinning in the dryer. Another has no trouble talking but is obsessed with trains, methodically naming every station in his state. Read more.

Passover on the Spectrum

This is a post by Scott Leibowitz, Autism Speaks Director of Marketing and Corporate Relationship Management

How can a story that’s over 3,000 years old be relevant to today’s autism community? When Jewish families around the world sit down to their traditional Passover seder (meal), that is a question that deserves our attention.

Easter on the Spectrum


This is a blog post by J-Jaye Hurley. J-Jaye is the Autism Response Team Coordinator for the SE Region and mom to Jackson, wife of Ryan and caretaker of the dachshund doggie duo, Miss Bojangles and Darby!

Avoiding Environmental Hazards During Pregnancy

This week’s “Got Questions?” answer is from Autism Speaks Director of Research for Environmental Sciences Alycia Halladay, Ph.D.

I’m pregnant. What can I do to avoid “environmental” risks?

NBA Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

The NBA lent it support to raising autism awareness on the eve of World Autism Awareness Day as the announcers and coaches for the games broadast by ABC on April 1 wore the Autism Speaks puzzle pin. During the game between the Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder, announcer Mike Tirico explained the presence of the pin and and spoke about autism awareness month. Check out the photos below.

CareZone Partners Up with Autism Speaks

Jonathan Schwartz is the father of two, and the President, CEO of CareZone. He was previously the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sun Microsystems, Inc., a Fortune 200 company whose pioneering innovations touched nearly every corner of the internet. He and his family live in San Francisco, California.


United Nations Panel Discussion Event

On April 3, we were honored to co-host a United Nations panel discussion, “Delivering Answers through Inclusive International Collaboration,” together with the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh, the United States Mission, and the Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar to the United Nations. The event served as a platform to bring the international community together in an effort to shed light on autism’s effect on families around the world, and what measures are being taken by leaders to better facilitate resources and services.