March 2012

The Month in Review – Autism Speaks February 2012 Impact

February was a fantastic month and much of what we worked on had to do with preparing for World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. Be sure to check out our Light It Up Blue site to see who is lighting it up blue this year… we promise there will be some incredible surprises!

Autism in the News - 03.14.12

Autistic girl, 9, fatally shot brother, 7, Arkansas police say (Little Rock, Ark.)
 A 9-year-old autistic girl fatally shot her 7-year-old brother at the family's Arkansas apartment while their parents were signing paperwork at a leasing office, police said Tuesday. Read more.

Kerry Magro is 'Lighting It Up Blue' in Kerry's Korner Pilot

Welcome to "Kerry's Korner" - my take on Autism Speaks' "Light It Up Blue" campaign! I'll be talking about the campaign, highlighting amazing stories and much more!

Autism in the News - 03.13.12

Free Autism Assessments (The Santa Barbara Independent)
I was very interested in your “Infant Intervention” article. I am familiar with the Koegels and their UCSB Autism Program and respect and admire their work. However, $2,000 is a large sum of money for families to pay whether or not their insurance pays for the assessment. Read more.

Autism in the News - 03.12.12

KOMPAN Playgrounds and Generation Rescue Partner for Autism (Tacoma, Wash.)

7 Ways to Light Up Your College Campus Blue!

On Monday, April 2 iconic buildings, landmarks and schools across the country will Light It Up Blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. Below are 7 ideas to get your college/university involved! Remember to ask the school newspaper or photography club to take a few high resolution pictures of your efforts.

Tommy Hilfiger Print Ad Released by Ad Council and BBDO

In 2006, Autism Speaks partnered with the Ad Council and BBDO to produce the autism “Odds” campaign. The Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign was designed to demonstrate the odds of a child reaching milestones parents think about often compared to the much greater chances of being diagnosed with autism. We all dream that our child will one day be a professional athlete or famous musician, but in reality the “Odds” of your child having autism are far greater.