March 2012

Autism in the News - 03.20.12

Understanding Why Autistic People May Reject Social Touch (TIME)
One of the hardest challenges for families facing autism is the problem of touch. Often, autistic children resist hugging and other types of physical contact, causing distress all around. Read more.

Toxicologists Study How Pharmaceuticals Affect Genes

Autism Speaks Director of Research for Environmental Science Alycia Halladay, Ph.D., reports back from the Society of Toxicology’s annual meeting.

Autism in the News - 03.19.12

Moms of autistic children work less, earn less (Reuters Health)
U.S. families with autistic children earn nearly $18,000 less than parents of normally developing kids, according to a new report. The gap is mainly due to mothers not having a job or working fewer hours, researchers found. Read more.

College Facebook Q&A Tomorrow, March 20 on Light It Up Blue

Tomorrow, March 20 at 5pm EST/ 2pm PST, Autism Speaks U will host a LIVE Facebook Q&A for college students on how to get their campus ready for Light It Up Blue

Kerry's Korner #2 - A Bunny for a Cause

This blog post is by Autism Speaks staff Kerry Magro. Kerry, an adult who has autism, is a graduate student at Seton Hall University and is filming a video series called “Kerry’s Korner” for Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue Initiative. Kerry recently started a new video blog called “My Autism My Voice,” where he discusses a variety of topics.

Autism and Family Income: A Mom’s Story

Guest post by Melanie Schrader, an active volunteer with the St. Louis chapter of Autism Speaks.

Being a working mom, especially a single working mom, can be difficult for anyone. Being a working mother and having a child on the autism spectrum has proven to be one of the biggest challenges of my life. This is my story.

Autism in the News - 03.16.12

Reading Club | ‘Navigating Love and Autism’ (New York Times)
On Dec. 26, 2011, the front page of The New York Times featured an extraordinary article. Part of a series by Amy Harmon chronicling the coming of age of a generation of autistic youths, the article, “Navigating Love and Autism,” told the story of Jack Robison and Kirsten Lindsmith, a young couple with Asperger’s syndrome. Read More.

Weekly Whirl - Tattoos are Back by Popular Demand!

If anyone knows how hectic life can get – WE DO! That’s why we have created the Autism Speaks Weekly Whirl to fill you in on all of the highlights of the week! The last thing we want is for you to be left out of the loop! Please share with friends and family to spread the word about all of the exciting things going on in the autism community.

Could Earlier Treatment Have Prevented My Child’s Autism?

 This week’s “Got Questions?” answer comes from psychologist Sally J. Rogers, Ph.D., whose research at the University of California-Davis focuses on early intervention for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Autism in the News - 03.15.12

Kids With Autism at a Synagogue on Purim? Not a Prayer, Right? (
I celebrated the Jewish holiday Purim last week at my synagogue. And Purim, along with a host of other Jewish holidays, will never be the same for me. Read More.