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Mother, Son Art Brings Awareness to Autism

Tervis Partners with Two Can Art for Collection to Benefit Autism Speaks

See the entire collection at! 

North Venice, Florida – Patti Gay and her son Noah are a talented mother/son art team, known for their nature-themed prints. But what makes their art particularly special is that 22-year-old Noah is autistic. Tervis, the innovator of insulated drinkware, entered a license agreement with them and their company, Two Can Art, to launch a series of tumbler designs. Tervis will donate five percent of sales from this collection to benefit autism awareness.

Art became a type of sensorial therapy for Noah when he was as young as two-years-old. "He loves the feel of paint and the whole process of painting," says Patti, who adds textures like sand to the paint to enhance the sensorial experience for him.

As most mothers do, Patti truly appreciated the beauty of his art. A few years ago, she decided to start scanning in some of his pieces and using those textures to create combined effort artwork -- that's when Two Can Art was born. She began selling prints, cards and T-shirts in local galleries around Santa Cruz, California (they live nearby surrounded by the beauty of the Redwood Forest).

“At the heart of Tervis drinkware, it’s all about expressing yourself in a creative and fun way. That’s why we have thousands of designs to choose from. The art that results from Patti and Noah’s collaboration is stunning and epitomizes that message,” says Dorothy Lierman, Tervis VP of Line Planning. “We are so proud to partner with them and to have the opportunity to support autism awareness at the same time.”

Autism Speaks will benefit from the majority of the donation but a percentage will also be donated to Balance for Kids in Santa Cruz, which has been an integral part of Noah’s life. Patti places her portion of the profits into a fund for Noah’s future. The partnership with Tervis is Two Can’s first license agreement.

Tervis drinkware keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, comes with a made for life guarantee, is made in the USA, and is available in thousands of different designs, including more than 50 license agreements – and now Two Can Art!

"I hope that by exposing more people to Noah's art, they will see that everyone has something beautiful to give the world," says Patti. "That's a gift that he's given to me."

See the entire collection at here More styles will be added throughout the year and also available at the 34 Tervis company stores and thousands of retailers, including Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Visit Patti Gay and her son’s ‘Two Can Art’ Facebook page here: