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Monday, March 26, 2012 Autism Speaks View Comments

This blog post is by Tom Donelan, owner of Heartland Consumer Products.


I’m the Owner of Heartland Consumer Products, maker of a new dice game called Square Shooters. As the father of a young man with autism, we’ve decided to support Autism Speaks! You can find us at to see how we're helping...

I was talking with my son Connor one day while I was working on our final prototype for our new Square Shooters® dice game. He picked up the dice and said "What's this?" So we played – which is remarkable because he’s not a game player. Connor is very smart but doesn't like to concentrate heavily on certain things, especially on competitive tasks like game play. But he really enjoyed the game!

It struck me that the game has something for everyone. In today’s world, games need to be versatile, fast-paced, and tolerant of short attention spans. Square Shooters® is the kind of game that can bring diverse families together, including families affected by autism.

We’re donating 5% of our online sales revenue to Autism Speaks, and throughout the year we’ll be running different promotions designed to generate even more support. Please join our effort to help Autism Speaks help the autism community!


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