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GCFC Back to School Lunch Menu Ideas

This blog was originally posted here on Autisable.


My son is on a GFCF diet. He also has to avoid corn, oats, soy, yeast, onions, oranges, blueberries, tuna and canola oil.

Two years ago when we began this journey I had no idea where to begin. There are forms of gluten, corn and/or canola oil in practically every processed or pre-packaged item in the store, including specialty foods on the GFCF aisle at Whole Foods...  I am no Julia Child. I don't like to cook and I usually avoid all recipes that require more than five ingredients and those that require much peeling or chopping. I especially avoid recipes containing ingredients that I've never heard of. To this day I couldn't tell you for sure what a shallot is.

Slowly but surely I'm learning. I can identify a leek now and know that it is in the onion family. I know how to make "mashed potatoes" out of a cauliflower. We bought a juicer, have attempted several varieties of soups and vegetable juices, and have actually enjoyed them. Unfortunately I am a carnivore. I cannot remove all meat from my diet, so "juicing" exclusively is not practical for our family . I am anemic and  the boy's menu is limited enough as it is... So at this point we are just trying to go a little more moderate on the animal protein and add more fruits, legumes and vegetables to our diet, including lentils, buckwheat and quinoa which are also high in protein. PS: Two years ago I had never even heard of quinoa... And now I can tell you that buckwheat does not contain wheat and that it is actually a fruit. Go figure...

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